Web & Mobile Services

Web & Mobile Services

DefinitivePromo is a web and web marketing services agency for labels, Artists, Artist agencies and Clubs. We develop, implement, manage, monitor, and validate web projects & web marketing strategies. Definitive Promo was founded with technology at its core. It is without doubt the factor which gives us our competitive edge. With technical restrictions removed we are free to focus on the business goals of each project. Our broad technical skills also enable us to move freely between open source projects and frameworks to vendor systems, across all the major web programming languages.

Web Design and Multimedia

In website design or animation we strongly pay attention to each small detail. All design and multimedia projects have content management system so that you can easily update your website on your own. This type of service is provided only with full package of website development or custom solution development. We can provide websites with features like:

  • News Articles

  • Releases Page

  • Releases Schedule

  • Audio Player

  • Artists Profiles

  • Radio Show/Podcast

  • Soundcloud and Beatport integration

  • Contact Details

  • Gallery Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Featured Artists & Releases

  • Events Pages

CMS Development

Either you want to use or customize open-source solution based on Wordpress or need custom development - we've done it all. Take the full control of all the content on your website easily! No technical experience is required to manage CMS you are going to get. You can order any module, any features and manage your data easily. We value every client to be satisfied with top-notch services, clear working process, deadlines and flexibility of the system you get without hidden errors.

Iphone and Mobile Development

Mobile technologies have become an important platform to conduct business, generate leads and support operations. Mobile platforms are changing very rapidly, as new devices, uses and operating systems have been introduced by the market. Take the advantages of popular mobile platforms to sell, promote or widen your online presence with Iphone/IPad application development services we provide:

  • Business Applications for IPhones and Android
  • Labels and Artists Applications for Iphone and Android
  • Multimedia Applications
  • iPad Applications développent

Digital Marketing

The Internet has created a seismic shift in the music industry. Traditional physical marketing outlets, while still important, have been augmented with a variety of online-based marketing, sales, and distribution outlets, all of which require their own specific marketing approaches and strategies. So we can provide for you:

  • Social Media Strategy: A fusion of sociology and technology, the rise of social media has forever changed the way people interact with brands. We help our clients choose the appropriate platforms and leverage them to the fullest potential.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Strategically develop your site's content to specifically target the visitors you want, and ultimately encouraging those visitors to engage with you and your brand
  • Search Engine Optimization: The process whereby the information contained on your site is “optimized” so that search result placement is improved. This involves strategic and technical analysis of each web page.
  • Paid Search: When determined to be an effective marketing tool, we help our clients develop and monitor Pay-per-click campaigns. Through continuous evaluation we determine the best steps for improvement throughout the life of the campaign.