Email Marketing / Platforms

Email Marketing / Platforms

Definitive Promo offers a self service solution for companies to send emails. Born of the need to effectively and easily manage marketing campaigns independently, Definitive Promo is for both beginners and advanced users. our solution is the simplest and most reliable marketing solution for everyone

<center><h3>Create your campaign in just a few minutes</h3></center>

Create your campaign in just a few minutes

Configuration, graphic design, selecting recipients and scheduling a launch date…creating a campaign takes only a few minutes! You can configure every aspect of your campaign. Our Platforms offers a range of design tools so that you can tailor your message to your specific requirements.

  • Newsletter Builder
  • HTML editor
  • Dynamic fields
  • Responsive email
  • <center><h3>Segment your database and target your audience</h3></center>

    Segment your database and target your audience

    Contact management is integral to any smart email marketing campaign. We provides you with all the tools you need to manage your contacts easily and effectively: importing contacts, categorising lists, collection forms, behavioural filters and more.

  • Import files
  • Segmentation and Dynamic Lists

  • <center><h3>Make sure your emails arrive correctly</h3></center>

    Make sure your emails arrive correctly

    Our team continuously monitors all our sending servers and are in constant contact with our ISP partners. We offer dedicated, easy-to-configure IPs for all our customers who want to control their IP reputation using their domain of choice.

  • IP reputation monitoring
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC Configuration
  • <center><h3>Track and analyze your results in real-time</h3></center>

    Track and analyze your results in real-time

    We can provide you with detailed campaign reports including basic statistics (open rate, click-throughs, etc.) and a number of other options: results per ISP, click details, export list of 'clickers' and more. All statistics are available in real time.

  • Real-time statistics
  • Export data
  • List of Openers & Clickers

  • Our Email Platforms Features

    • Daily quota : send more than 96.000 per day
    • Design Builder : Create your e-mail design, adapted for smartphones, no HTML knowledge required
    • Drag & Drop Newsletter Builder and HTML/Simple Text Editor : Import your HTML or use our Drag & Drop editor
    • Unlimited Contacts : Add as many contacts as you want
    • Unlimited Attributes : Add as many attributes as you want for each contact
    • Advanced contact manager : Analytical and behavioral segmentation of your base
    • Reports : View detailed statistics of your campaign\'s results
    • Tracking real-time : Data updates in real time
    • Heat Map : Consult the most clicked areas on your newsletter
    • Openers and clickers details : Follow your audience closely
    • Your Domain and logo : The paltform will be hosted on a domain with you choice and with your own logo
    • Support : Unlimited support by email